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Sales Support & Compliance Officer

Job Description and Requirements

* Drafting and reviewing non-standard contracts in close cooperation with lawyers and sales representatives to ensure risk mitigation for the Company.
* Coordinate contracts approval and execution processes ensuring compliance with existing contract management policy.
* Acting as an advisor to guide contract initiators on contract boundaries and approval levels.
* Monitoring deliverable and commitments under non-standard contracts liaising with internal and external stakeholders.
* Coordinating and driving reviews of different types of contractual documents (such as NDAs, Quality Assurance Agreements etc.) between the concerned departments within the company.
* Design standard contract templates with the following approval with lawyers and internal stakeholders.
* Be the preferred interface for queries related to compliance with corporate code of conduct, anti-bribery and anti-corruption rules.
* Coordinating Corporate Governance activities between internal and external stakeholders.

Salary: £14000 - £18000 per annum + Other benefits

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