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Service Manager

Job Description and Requirements

* Forecast goals and objectives for the department and strive to meet them.
* In-charge for all Warranty back up & Paid service activities.
* Strive for harmony and teamwork with all other departments.
* Schedule visits to customers under warranty /under paid service on regular bases & as needed to extract more business for service department.
* Enhance safety for all technicians and operation in the department, in addition to the proper tools carried by the technicians as well as technician’s appearance. safety gear for technical staff and all safety signs may require at work must be strictly utilized.
* Determine and comply all the warranty terms from the manufacturers toward The Company and the Warranty from the Company toward the customer.
* Follow up all warranty claim till replacement parts or credit is received from the manufacturer.
* Prepare and administer an annual operating and sales budget for the Service Department and follow to achieve this management approved budget.
* Understand, keep abreast of, and comply with local regulations that may affect service warranty or sales. (For example: servicing steam boilers).
* Hire, train, motivate, counsel, and monitor the performance of all AMC engineers and technicians and ensures the required level of technical knowledge is maintained and in accordance with the manufactures servicing procedures and recommendations.
* Review all Technical Bulletin received from suppliers and share them with all technicians as necessary & filed it properly.
* Monitor & report any repeated incident in a machine which could be as manufacturer repeated defect and communicate with the manufacture to highlight this incident so they can rectify it in future, keep management informed.
* Direct and schedule the daily activities of all Service department staff.
* Enhance & Monitor direct attendance of technicians in order to efficiently utilise the technician’s time.
* Provide technical assistance to Service department employees whenever need it.
* Conduct regular meetings with Service department employees to discuss activities and problems of mutual interest and to develop strategies for a more efficient operation.
* Develop, enforce and monitor guidelines for working with customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, e.g. (respect promises, attend on time, solve problem, communicate with customer of any changes ….etc.).
* Handle customer complaints directly or indirectly according to the company terms & condition.
* Establish and enforce a pricing policy that balances volume, customer loyalty, and the cost of doing business
* Ensure in coordination with Parts Manager to determine the re-order level of parts for machine regularly sold by the company to ensure a timely turnaround of parts needed for internal jobs.
* Enhance using the company ERP software for all service department Activities.

Salary: £13000 - £15000 per annum + Other benefits

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